Two full backs not good enough


Sick and tired :zzz: of this fullback debate now. They may not have been brilliant every game like most our players haven’t but they get the stick. What do some of our fans expect…Gary Neville one side and Stuart Pearce on the other. This defence just needs a leader and in MARTIN we may just have one UTS


Agree entirely. This thread is ridiculous . I support whoever has the shirt and Leahy and Devlin should have them at least until January and probably the whole season.


Just put undue pressure on the lads who are giving there all for the saddlers…to much negativity not enough getting behind our fullbacks so fickle UTS


two new fullbacks needed either in the transfer window which i doubt will happen or for next season which i would bet my house on none of the current ones being here.


It’s not really about full backs but Just a point about getting behind players which I agree with. I was a bit bemused to hear the chant from the upper singing section of how ■■■■ must you be we’ve scored a goal when going 1 up. Probably in jest but I just felt it a bit moronic tbh


Yeah and I stand by it. He had a poor game today. There’s not a player in the squad who hasn’t done that. Just like one goal doesn’t mean Osbourne has had a good season so far.


Of course one game doesn’t give you the inference a player is good or bad. But time and time again this season and last he is out of position.

I genuinely don’t know what game people are watching.

It comes to something too, when wilson was that poor, and still devlin didn’t come on. Me thinks there is something not quite right there.


Just sitting here quietly,unfortunately slowly seeing what I predicted - actually happening.

As repeated a million times, the 2 full backs were poor last season and having started this year better, are now getting found out game by game. Devlin has already lost his place and one wonders if Keates had faith in Cockerill M whether Leahy would be next.

No one is abusing any of the lads, just stating an opinion on their ability.


Hear, hear.

I think I said somewhere previously, that they both seem lovely lads. But I can’t let that cloud my judgment with their ability on the football pitch. Leahy is atrocious defensively, and always has a mistake in him, whereas Devlin is almost the opposite - he’s woeful going forward and doesn’t offer any threat.


Time and time again? Complete nonsense. He’s had max two bad games.

Probably because Wilson deserved 90 minutes to prove what he was about in his own debut and went on to set up a goal. Let’s not just make issues up shall we.


For me the issue is that Leahy has played nearly 70 games for Walsall without having any senior competition for his place in the first team.

It’s hardly surprising he’s become such a divisive figure when we judge him solely on his minutiae of his performances, knowing there is nobody else at the club (with all respect to Cockerill-Mollett) who can play his position at League One level.

Truth is, whether Leahy is good or bad he’ll still be in the team next week because there is no back-up/competition at left-back. He’s undroppable, and that’s a dangerous situation for his personal progression and that of the team.


There are those that can see the the mistakes and lack of any positional sense and those that can’t see it seems…


I can recognise the deficiencies in his game, just don’t think it helps that he’s a nailed on starter regardless of performance.


As proven by Morris’ comments that competition for place this season has made him up his game compared to last season when we knew he would start


Where have I said he has no flaws?

There seems to be some that can see improvement and those that don’t want to acknowledge it in my opinion.


Why would he acknowledge improvement? Doesn’t fit his narrative.


Funny how blame only falls in phases of play involving Leahy. I mean, Ferrier gave Leahy no help what so ever yesterday. Leahy looks far better with Ginnelly on the pitch because he gets a bit of help, something ALL FULLBACKS NEED!

Yes, Leahy was poor yesterday but he’s played well in many games this season.

People are just waiting for him to fail. It’s sad. Very sad actually.

Many other players have been consistently poorer over the season but they get no stick. It’s ridiculous.


Don’t see the point in constantly proclaiming that player X is rubbish to be honest, due to the negative effect that eventually will have on their performances. Players can and do go through peaks and troughs in their performances and it’s up to the manager to deal with them as a resource.

If a player really is that bad, then they shouldn’t be anywhere near the first team, but neither of the players mentioned fall into that category, so it’s a subjective take at this point in time.

What does seem clear is that their performances have improved since last year, probably because they’re playing for someone who knows what they are doing.


Agree with you especially your second paragraph.I get fed up with constant negativity about some players. We are at the 3rd level of the football pyramid so people have to take that into account.


…was that the two " the’s " …sorry :unamused: