Two full backs not good enough


To be fair, I think the stick is primarily on-line rather than at games.

At games it is limited to a groan when a ten yard pass manages to go ten yards astray. Or when an unchallenged cross is far more likely to be headed by Darren in row D rather than Andy Cook. Both of which happen more than they should.


There’s fair reasons that Leahy gets criticised, there are ways he can improve, but his passing and crossing ability? He’s probably the best crosser in the team. That’s why he racks up assists for a left back.


I agree with you on that. The number of assists last season was well into double figures. This season hasn’t been so productive but he has been better defensively with the the help of Ginnelly. Saturday was a bad day for him though when his passing and crossing let him down.


stand by what i said earlier in this post neither will be here next season.


And who can blame them? I wouldn’t stick around to be honest. Particularly Leahy. One bad game and you are getting daggers again.


they wont be here because they will be released is what i meant.


I know. But they won’t be either way in my opinion.

We could offer them a contract and I don’t know why you would take it. Go to another League One club who’s fans don’t associate you with a ■■■■ poor manager.


i doubt they would get another league one club mate tbh lol.


Leahy would. Easily. Managers will look at his stats and they will watch him play and they will look at his age and sign him up no problem.

Maybe a club lower in the division but he’d definitely do a job. He already does for us not that some will acknowledge that.


his assist record is good tbf.


Devlin’s character makes him 1st choice. What he lacks in skill he more than makes up in attitude and character.


He is much better than Wilson…indeed his surging runs in the second half today were one of the few highlights!!


A similar point was made in commentary.


Leahy was pretty clearly a target today for the oppositions attacks.


Full backs are ■■■■ ain’t they.


:slight_smile: love it


Thought Leahy had a decent game today put some great balls in behind there defence


Crap Leahy


Devlin made a great block early in the second half…saved a goal I think.

Leahy defended o.k but his crossing for once was mediocre.


They were actually the opposite of usual today. Better defensively (though each had two or three dodgy moments) but poor going forward.