Tyreik Wright


It’s quite a common name in the NFL.

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Tyreik so good :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


‘You smell so good’ For non-German readers :grin:

I miss King Crimson’a songs for new players…

Well, if he can’t be arsed :wink:

On paper this is exactly what we need, I’m just holding fire until we see the lad in action. I still have bad memories of the last time we were desperate for a forward and got the begging bowl out to Dean
Smith, we ended up with Shaibu. Hopefully history won’t repeat itself and we’ve got a goodun!

It was Ethelred, Ethelstan, Julius and Claudius when I started watching, or a least it seems that long ago. The last two were foreign imports brought in by Paulius Taylorus.


Is it Tweek like the character on South Park? :smile:

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Welcome Tyreik.
Just like Deano to come through for us!

Do you think he’ll be any better than the last bloke named Wright we had play down the right wing? :thinking:

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One thing puzzles me - if he’s such a good young prospect, why wasn’t he even on the bench for Villa against Liverpool in the FA Cup, last Friday? After all, it hardly matters to us if he were cup-tied!!!


He was training with the first team and wasn’t selected due to COVID precaution


Because villa didn’t want to risk injuries and put a stop on his move … :rofl:

Well young man you are now lucky enough to be under the expert tutelage of Mr ‘Coaching badges’ Clarke, who will now teach you the arts of:
Learning how NOT to take corners.
How to give away own goals.
How to waste free kicks.
Forget shooting practice…who needs that…
How NOT to smoothly combine defence and attack in the same match.
How to make crosses that end up in the stands.
Not to worry about being in the next team chosen, it all comes out of a magic hat, and you might not get picked ahead of a groundsman.
How NOT to score goals.
And, finally, learn how to combine football ‘training’ (I use that word loosely) with water Aerobics at our award winning training facilities.

On a serious note, take your chance lad, prove to uncle Smithy that you can become a Premiership first teamer after experiencing the rough and tumble of 4th Division crud.


^^^dingle in disguise

Got a feeling if he is fit he is gonna start …

I think the groundsman will be on the bench the way it’s looking!

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This is a song that lives in my head rent free. Pop into my head at least once a day :rofl:

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Mate of mine his mate works as the fitness coach at villa he said
Wright is well thought of will run about all day and useful on the wing, not necessarily the strongest of lads (needs to bulk up a bit) and could go either way with the adjustment to mens football.

He had 3 weeks off over xmas due to covid in the family so is not likely to be up to best straight away

That was my thought process when I suggested him being on the bench men’s football especially league 2 is not pretty so DC with either look at it that way or think sod it run rings round them and run at these lumps of defenders they will hate it.