W 1-0 vs Newport County (A) - League Two - Sat 6th Aug, 3pm

Someone must know who these lowlife pieces of scum are. If you do, report them to the club- anonymously if you prefer. We don’t want them supporting our team if they are going to spoil it for our younger fans.
I know it’s difficult for the opposing stewards- they don’t want to be blamed for possibly inflaming the situation if the scumbags mates get involved as a result.
Maybe WFC should send a couple of its own senior stewards on away trips when they know we’ll have a big following. They could liaise with home stewards, get the perps thrown out, and more importantly make their identities known so they can’t attend games again.
It looks like we might be having an exciting season ahead, and we don’t want these toe-rags spoiling it for us. It needs to be nipped in the bud now.


If you see any poor behaviour take photos or videos, if you can safely do so, and send them to the club. The last thing we need is for some lowlife drunk bullies to give us a bad name, or worse, actually start something.


In days gone by, I think there was a tribal attitude at away games of “us against them.” If we saw some unlawful/anti social behaviour from our fans we’d let it pass because they were “one of us.” On the occasions when one of our own was ejected, we’d often be sympathetic towards them regardless of what they’d done.
Nowadays it’s different. Why should we tolerate these people spoiling our enjoyment? Why should the actions of a few trouble makers tarnish the name of our club. As Exy says it’s easy now to discreetly film this type of behaviour and report it to a steward, or to the club.
It’s not just a Walsall problem- last season at a couple of home games, some away fans were ejected due to infighting - presumably alcohol fuelled.
I didn’t go to Newport, but maybe those who did and witnessed something should write to the SLO - if enough do so I’m sure the Club will put some resources into punishing those involved.


Seem to have a bunch of arseholes that follow us away from what i have heard and spoil it for decent people like you and your son you did well not to react mate.


Sure they used to do something like that with the police years ago.

It isnt and hasnt been for years would love to know who these idiots are makes my blood boil that they upset a child.

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Didn’t get to watch it yesterday as my cricket commitments last a few more weeks but what a great win considering it sounded like we were dominated for most of the match. Flynn’s got his own players in and our squad looks so balanced now, what a difference between Flynn and Fullerton finding the players. Flynn gets Clarke, Fullerton got us Ash Taylor, chalk and cheese.

Sounds like a minority of both sets of fans let their clubs down yesterday. I hope Walsall find and ban the idiots described on here. As for Newport fans, they should all love Flynn the job he did there and ban the idiots who gave his wife abuse.


We were lucky to win the game but not lucky to have a clean sheet. In truth, it was a poor game, typical of L2, partly because the referee was letting a lot go, particularly from the Newport players, and that led to the sort of high-tempo, low-quality game that we saw. But the defence was able to cope with it all and, as is usual in this type of game, the winner came from a set piece. Unlike the last few seasons, we were able t defend their corners and free kicks but we managed to score from one of our own. A big difference.

Allen’s sending off was very harsh but I do hate the risks taken by players trying to waste a few seconds. Evans was possibly a whisker away from giving them a dangerous indirect free kick. I understand why they do it but getting sent off does not help.

Who will be left (wing) back against Stevenage? Flat back 4 with Monthe at LB? Probably White at LWB and Bennett in at RWB, I suppose.

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I read this on the train yesterday and thought, yeah, I get that. Then I read your report and it I thought I’d post it.
Agree with @Natalie-Drest that years ago you at least felt safe with your own fans, but not always now.


The performance doesn’t bother me one bit, we’ve been on there losing end of these games for the last few years!

What we did very well was play Newport at their own game, and looking at a lot of their comments they didn’t like it.

I thought Cameron Norman summed them up as a team, petulant and always trying to con the ref.

He seemed wound up from the off.

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Yep he’s defo got a grudge with us as a club.

I’d have thought referees would do their homework. Norman has been buying free kicks for 4 seasons. Surely refs watch games back or look a the stats and tell each other he’s a con merchant.


Agree towards the end of the game he just collapsed on the floor and was awarded a free kick, pathetic.

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Great result and nice to know we’ve got it in our locker to go away and pick up points like that on the road.

Really hope now we can find a way to consistently put points on the board - and have the wriggle room so that if things go stale or flat that we can dip in to the loan market or better

With regards to this sort of behaviour. We’ve got this element amongst us. It needs nipping in the bud. We had the whole burning the Welsh flag and verbally abusing the pregnant lady on a train to Wrexham. Don’t WM police travel to games. They’ll know the characters.

Hope WFC and WMP jump on it


To get out of this, or any league you need to have two sides of the coin. Currently sunning myself in Lanzarote so didn’t go to the game but from the reports and comments it seems like for how good and exciting we were last week, we had the same levels of grit and determination this.

It’s arguably more important to pick up points when you haven’t really been at it so to come away from Newport with all three is superb and the manner that it was done is even better. Again, it’s only been two games but to show contrasting ways of winning is really encouraging

Agree, no team has ever won promotion playing beautiful football every week. Looking at the sub-context of yesterday’s game (Newport’s first home game, Flynn & Hatswell’s return, ex-players etc) grinding out a win and clean sheet is an incredible return. Deserved plaudits for Clarke, particularly for the clearance off the line - he read that situation in a way no Walsall defender would have done over the past few years.


Thank you for that message it means a lot and all the other messages. He went off to bed in good spirits after spending ages just looking at the league table with Walsall at the top of it.

It is worth pointing out this was not a young person who caused the trouble. He was a bloke in his mid to late 50s on his own. Intoxicated to the point I’m not sure how he got in the ground, for his own safety as much as anything. If it had been a small exchange about seats it wouldn’t have bothered me, I tried my best to find new seats as it was. When my Son is crying and scared then it is a big problem and he should have been thrown out in my opinion.

To add some balance, there were some lovely young fans sat by us. A young couple next to us who consoled George and told him what a lovely lad he is and the 3 lads in front of us, polite and well mannered young lads having a great day out who apologised cos they thought they started the trouble (they obviously didn’t) and several other fans came over to console George. We do have some really great people following us. It’s not all bad not by any means.


Good day out yesterday, took a while to get there with the horrendous traffic but was worth it, a real determined spirit about this squad and that comes down to Flynn filling it with experience and winners.

Talking of experience, Peter Clarke is fantastic. You can have the biggest defenders in the world, but you can’t put a price on his experience, his movement at the back almost makes it seem like there’s two of him, just when you think someone’s past him he’s somehow able to regain an advantage, proper player.

Also, stewards can often be arseholes but Newport’s were great, let me drink my beer right at the bar doors and watch the game in the second half… until the police told them off for not shutting it all up :joy: I know our fans can be a bit much at times but stewards can also make issues out of nothing, sometimes even looking like they go out of their way to cause problems but not yesterday, a nice lot for a change.