W 1-0 vs Port Vale (A) - League Two - Tue 23rd Nov, 7:45pm

I don’t know if this has been done but the interview with Port Vale’s Ben Garrity is worth a watch.
I am not very good with this stuff but try https://.youtu.be/BY3VYNJauO
If this dont work perhaps someone can put a link on.

Just for you https://youtu.be/BY3VYNJvau0

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Good grief. We’ve all had to accept defeat for one thing or another in our lives. You accept the facts and move on. Pouting, messy tie, slouching, and not even looking the reporter in the eyes displays an atrocious attitude.


Thanks .

He’s obviously the changing room stooge who was chosen by Clarke to be interviewed.

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“Yes, just what we want for an ambassador of the club on camera. The sulky schoolboy’s first day in court look.”

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As I’ve said already the players reflect their manager our boys reflect Matt’s values and players like Garrity reflect Darrell petulant scruffy moaning miserable etc and if any Vale fans pop on here listen to this….your welcome to the lot of them that’s the manager you have and the players you have because I am over the moon they don’t represent my club I’m over the moon your stuck with the lot of them so enjoy because I will enjoy watching it crumble around you and I will enjoy the moment you all see DC for what he is and mark my words it won’t take long.


Ive had a look at the tail end of 687 posts and cannot see if any one has unearthed this bundle of joy coming from Burslem

He’s gone full Alan Partridge.


This was personal to Clarke he wanted this win he wanted to do us over and he didn’t get it he’s angry because of it and it sounds like he’s made his players aware of it.I’d like to think he’s made their build up all week so much about his personal vendetta’s and how much he wanted the victory that his troops have gone missing on the pitch because they wanted him to fail because he’s an arse.At this moment in time the Burslem inbreds are still Jizzing over his no nonsense approach but when this no nonsense approach doesn’t start changing results and performances and are coming across as empty words they will one by one change their views as said above with someone like Darrell it’s inevitable.

I was very happy and pleased that we won this game. What didnt please me was the level of abuse towards Darrell both during the game itself and post match. He dosnt deserve that. No one does.


Wow, that is simply embarrassing! He was like a sulky, petulant, disrespectful secondary pupil who’s been sent to stand outside the headteacher’s office! And he looked like one too with his tie all undone and loose.
Have up watching after about a minute and a half as I was sick of seeing him looking down and shuffling from side to side.
Hope the club are embarrassed at seeing that. Not exactly a portrayal of professionalism there!

he’s calmed down now, but you can tell the defeat really wounded him

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“People can enjoy their moment in the sun.” :grimacing:


Cliches. Partridge. Fake toughness.

Same old Clarke bullshit.


Must say he’d kept it very much about his team and their performance in all the post match interviews, didn’t even reference us, doesn’t even say the word ‘Walsall’. Then that tiny little comment completely betrays him.


Unfortuately not all of us are eg. @matt_saddlesore, maybe time for some appropriate moderation regarding his utterly disgusting avatar that clearly brings this site into disrepute, and tars all the rest of us with its appalling sentiment while its allowed to display on UTS. It would be remarkable if a poster was allowed to continue with this avatar whilst other posters have their input edited in the spurious name of moderation just on the off chance Tony Blair pops in and sues. :thinking:



Thanks for the information, and sharing with us your contrived angst and sensitive emotional state.

I’ll change it just for you as you seem very upset and displeased.
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Dear Diddums Dave,

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Nothing contrived about seeing such a ridiculous image posted on here. Its just cringeworthy and pathetic (and that’s being polite).

A simple acceptance of responsibility and maybe an apology, one would imagine would be the least you could muster, but no.

Nevermind, move on. As embarrassing as it is, nobodies died.