W 2-0 vs Gillingham (H) - League Two - Sat 18th March, 3pm

And btw, Alan Pardew was in an 8 year contract and form and opinion on him had plummeted. So whilst he may not have been sacked, as that would’ve cost a fortune, I’m pretty sure Newcastle directors drove him to Selhurst park themselves :joy: But I think I’ve acknowledged that previously.

I will agree to most of your retain list, I would add some players to and give reasons why.

Monthe; just for his shear size, he frightens most who wish to take him. I grant you he’s not the quickest and should score a lot more with his head, but he’s much more of an asset than a liability and can take a huge amount of credit for being a vital part of a very solid defence.
Jack Earing; a young lad with a bright future who sadly, has been plagued with injuries this season.
Unfortunately, Flynn often plays him out is position in a defending midfielder role. In my opinion he’s much better as an attacking player than a defensive one. He’s a good footballer and deserves his place in the squad.
Stevens; another player coming back from an horrific injury, he’s improved with every game he has played since we signed him, you don’t score as much as he has if you’re no good.

I think the club should do all it can to sign DJ. for next season. Had he stayed with us I’ve no doubt we would have been in the playoff places by now.
We would have a very powerful forward line with DJ, Stevens and Matt leading it.

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Stevens only has one less goal contribution than Williams has this season already, and Matt had better all round game in his few appearances than Williams has show all year. He’s proper shit.

I’m sure it won’t have escaped anyone’s notice that you still wont “own” your embarrassing error on Demba Ba :joy::joy:

Anyone watching Fulham losing their shit


I hate cockneys


It’s a really good point that you make around those performing 6/10 week in, week out being judged as consistent based against those with a more scatter gun performances who would turn out a combined higher average.

If we are going to progress out of this division though, someone playing in his role as the main (and sometimes only) creative/attacking midfielder needs to be putting out more 7/10’s than 6/10’s.

I’m not knocking him as like you say, the playing style is mikes away from what he’d flourish in. It’s just to get us to that next level, the number 10 should be the one providing the magic in games that are petering out to nothingness, and he hasn’t done that often enough yet.

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That Mitrovic needs a lengthy ban as well

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The whole Hutch thing. Isnt it fairly clear that he is constrained by the way we set up, and in point of fact his contribution given said setup is actually pretty impressive. He is playing in a team with a very limited number of options for a lad of his talent to use.



We don’t play through him like we did with Sawyers (no I’m not comparing him talent wise) but he is basically having to pick up loose balls and scraps to make something happen. The movement in front of him and wide of him is mostly awful.

I reckon he would score more goals if the play from out wide was better too, he often makes late runs to the edge of the box and isn’t picked out or even noticed a lot of the time.


Of course he would. I often watch him with the ball just over the half way line where he usually picks it up, you look to the wings, nothing there, nothing happening up top so he lays it off short…its not his fault that his options are limited. When i see people giving him a 6, that’s why. Wilko for all his talent isnt going to run the channels and give him a through ball.

I think I may be in a minority but I’m not that fussed about keeping Wilko. I feel bad for him what he has been through with his injury and was chuffed he scored yesterday.

I just don’t think you get enough out of him during a season and through any sticky patches he isn’t going to dig in. I think you would have to make him feel like the main man, build the attack around him to get a good season out of him. We may be better off looking at other options. That being said we could sign someone far worse and based on history probably will.


I agree but only because he doesnt suit a Flynn team. Hes good enough but if the manager has a certain way of playing that doesnt aim to use him properly then there is no point.

Bit depressing writing that. Wilko had got goals and assists in him. Shame

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Didn’t want to open a separate thread on this but switched over to watch the villa ladies at bescot tonight. Probably 1500 there against man city.
So obviously can’t get a decent crowd in but anything over a few thousand they play at villa park instead of our ground which is better suited and creates a better atmosphere for the players . Why ?

Hutch has been ok this season and nothing more, couple of folk going well over the top about his capabilities.

He’s had a fair few stinkers over the season , hopefully he finds some consistency next season.


He stinks unless hes got the golden eyes of a goal.

His first action on Saturday was to nearly nut someone for pulling his shirt. He aint got the mentality. Great goal but when he came on he literally just jogged about.

A bog standard business to decision anyway to move on in the summer. Maybe he will knock 20 in for someone else, i cant see it.

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Well everyone is entitled to their subjective opinion and we all rate different types of players. But in a side universally accepted as not being particularly attacking, his nos (G & A) from midfield put him in the top 5 in the division and the youngest in the top 30. So that’s not too shabby.

As you say hopefully more to come as he develops and matures.


I think the potential for Hutchinson to play in a 4231 (or 352/3412) with Riley in and around him, and some real quality on the other side, with a proper number 8 behind in the two, would seem him flourish.

Especially with a forward who could actually make runs - for him. A lot of potential there, and purely from my subjective perception, is where I would put the recruitment as a top priority.

Yet his only been ok lol
Your stats prove it all we are lucky to have him.
People will see how much he is missed when he leaves us for a top league 1 side


Is that a kind way of saying a bop on the nose?

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