Walsall Football Club - So Many Issues

The young lad who came to his first match with us last Saturday just recieved a nice letter and a goodie bag from Swifty. :+1:


Nice new touch by the club , hope it’s a start of better things to come to generate new support .

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Same here, my lad has his first season ticket this year and got this on todays post. They’ve been shit at many things in the past but they deserve praise for this.


The club are really trying with some things. The Swifty email is very good and the way they allow children to communicate with the players is amazing.

My daughter wrote 3 letters in the Fans Zone last year and one on Saturday. Credit where credit is due, Tom is very good at getting in contact and sending responses over.

Hopefully this will help keep newer fans interested and want to keep attending.


My son, wrote to the SLO last week and got a quick and pleasant response which he was really pleased with.
Credit where it’s due, it does feel like some people are making an effort

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