Walsall Football Club - So Many Issues

Wasn’t that Ivor Bollockov?

Whodya nikkaabolokov

Gotta say for football ground standards, the food ay bad at that kiosk behind the cardboard cutout stand.

Demolished me cheeseburger half time like the strapping god-like modest man I am.


To his credit I did see Graham Whittaker before the game in the Lower. To be honest it wasn’t difficult to spot him - he did look rather out of place in his suit, but he was there and hopefully seeing first hand any issues as they arose.


The lad enjoyed it he was working in the hub today been offered an extra shift already working the boxing show in the stadium suite tommorow lol.


Was only just thinking about how he got on today @Killer78 .

Fantastic stuff. Good for him.

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I went to get a drink 10 minutes before half time and the girl said how they had no food and was waiting for some more.

I always have a bacon and egg sandwich at home before the game so no problem with food.

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Glad to hear that your son enjoyed it. Shame he couldn’t have doubled up and operated my usual turnstile as well.

When I asked a steward why it wasn’t open and I couldn’t get in, he said that they hadn’t got anybody to operate it!

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He said there’s an issue with the taps for the lager which was slowing things down a bit it’s being sorted before the next home game apparently

Ffs lol

If anyone went in the hub I think he was the only lad behind the bar so you’d have seen him lol

I was served by him - very friendly and polite.


Does he wave ?


He also met Matt Taylor when he first went in said he was a very nice bloke very welcoming as he knew he was new.

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There’s an issue with the lager not the taps in the Savoy it’s shit

[don’t avoid the swear filter - mod]


He worked in the stadium suite last night for the boxing said the taps were much better than in the hub he is back in the hub tommorow night lol enjoying it so far.


Went to Chelsea v Zenit tonight - give me Walsall v Mansfield any day of the week!

These are the scanners at Chelsea that I assumed would follow after we introduced e-tickets. Suspect the cost is rather prohibitive for us.

Was all digital at Old Trafford on Saturday. No gatemen = problem and nobody to sort it.

Another digression into a previously never thought of problem cloaked as progress…

Its pathetic.

Lets just get a functioning efficient matchday ticket office and cash/debitcard manned turnstyles at all football clubs and forget the ridiculous digital/cashless agenda that’s being wafted in on the back of covid for whatever reason.