We have to sign Miller …

As we’ve all said, he feeds off scraps most of the time. Earlier on for us I’m sure (although I don’t know the stats) he had a higher percentage of chances per game than he has now. I remember him missing a few chances in games but was always impressed with his tenacity and willingness to keep tying. He’s decent at this level but is by no means a one chance, one goal sort of forward which is why, when he has got in on goal recently, he hasn’t found the net

Can’t reveal details because I would get into trouble, however, I have it on very good authority that Barnsley are about to sign a striker.

This would push Miller down the pecking-order.

I honestly think that George would be mad to refuse an offer of a permanent contract.

I’d love to reveal more but until the contracts are signed I daren’t scupper the move. It also frees up a loan move so could be a win-win for all parties.


I’m not surprised. It’s inconceivable that Barnsley would see him as the answer to their relegation fight.


My only fear is that wages might be dependant on us getting a sell-on fee for Elijah. With Newcastle potentially signing Kris Wood, Burnley and West Ham could both be in the market for a new towering centre-forward.

Like everything, agents will advise players not to take the first offer. However, I am genuinely optimistic about Miller coming to the club.

I still feel we need another striker as well (possibly a loan); however, unless Rico gets called up for England or gets a move, we might have to wait until the summer for that! Don’t want to get too greedy - one permanent striker would be lovely, right now!

I think if we can sign Miller for free, then that’ll be great. The initial figures that were thrown around when he first signed should have now worn off with him not scoring in ages.

I’d rather take him on a free, knowing he’s works his arse off every game over not taking up the opportunity to sign him and go with a completely different first choice striker who could be worse than him, meaning we’ll be back to square one in the summer.

Our task then should be to find another striker like him that can push him to keep his place in the team by scoring goals.


Send Miller back , he’s been shite despite the poor service.

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Wouldn’t go for him unless he’s free now myself not sure he’s worth us spunking a big chunk of our budget on 14 games without a goal is poor for any striker regardless of service and system.If he’s free or on loan keep him.

Disagree a little bit there. The fact he hasn’t scored for 14 games isn’t great. But the fact that MT appears to be rigid in his formation and won’t change it for anything doesn’t help either. Should be playing to the strengths of your players. I don’t see that as being the case most of the time. Stevie Wonder could tell you that the tactic of lumping a ball up to Miller isn’t going to get you results most of the time.

I will say however, that he would have to be on a free transfer with a reasonable wage request, although I’m sure Walsall make the reasonable wage request for any signing. Which probably isn’t reasonable to most players.

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Telford just scored again for Newport. They concede a lot but also score enough to win games and keep them up in the play off area.
I seriously hope we can see that having a striker is crucial and get one this window, to give us options along with Miller.

If the people in charge cannot see this now , never mind when the season started , it just goes to show how farcical the club is .


I was really impressed with him his movement is brilliant he had our two centre halves on toast on more than one occasion.He’s only little but his movement certainly makes up for that.How he ran across our centre back and flicked headers from in between them was exceptional how many’s he got now 15-16 goals?

But THAT is the problem mate, they CAN see it, they just don’t want to act on it, maximum profit minimum input


Anyway back on topic(me that is after my Telford post) works hard but doesn’t score enough goals I’d send him back personally.

I would like to see what he could do with another striker up along side of him


A big man, little man works well at league two level.

There is talk of Devante Rodney 6’3".
He played well at Halifax on loan, scoring 7 in 12 for Fullarton’s team in 2019.

I think that more was expected from Wilkinson: although Conor has loads of ability, he drifts in and out of games and needs a manager to help him channel his energy. Even Adebayo said that he needed to ‘get angry’ to find his edge but with Conor, I think most coaches have told him to curb his anger, because he’s a bit of a loose cannon…


Said on here I’d take Rodney still young as well plenty of room for improvement

Interesting that the manager who signed him for the Vale was a certain John Askey.

Given who his dad was, I still wonder whether he’ll end up at Walsall one day. I think he’s at York now and I really hope that we don’t end up in their league next season. Ironically, it was Clarke’s success when Rovers went down that brought about the reputation that he built up as a good lower division manager.

At some point, the powers that be at Walsall might have to look in the mirror, when apportioning blame for our current state of malaise.

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We can’t as they are in Conference North although I’d love to go to their new ground

That’s a source of some solace then @superjorge :grinning:

I agree with you about the ground too. I love York as a city! They are a club that appears to be moving in the right direction, partly funded, I believe by Godfrey’s move from a lower premier club (Norwich) to a bigger club in Everton.

If only we had an ex defender playing for a lower league premier side who might get a lucrative move :wink: (shame Smith took the Norwich job, given Everton’s managerial current situation and need for a LB with £25m to spend on a replacement!)