What constitutes a 'good' season?

10th - 12th is par (and where I expect us to finish). Anything higher is a bonus.

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A successful season would be promotion or playoffs.are we capable don’t have a clue haven’t seen anything in preseason games that would indicate we can or will not achieve the above .will post at later date when I’ve seen at least 10 or more competitive games .

If we take the belt and braces approach and playing front foot football I think easy top seven

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A good season for me would be to see us playing a more attacking and passing game. I think we have the players to do that…top 7 at least for me for the season to be a success.

Progression. Something we’ve not achieved since Smith.That we start off looking better than we finished last season, ( not hard) and that we then look better at the end of the season than we did at the start( harder.) In terms of points, that would probably result in a top 10 finish.


Assuming we’re defining ‘good’ as being points/league position then I’d say - Top 7 = good, top half = okay, bottom half = disappointing.

No managerial change. To achieve that for the first time in three seasons would indicate league performance was acceptable or better, and that stability within the new ‘culture’ was being established.


A very salient point and one I would entirely agree with. Sads wasn’t my personal choice for manager but I did say whoever the incumbent was they needed two things, time and a budget to carry out what they wanted to achieve. I think any manager really requires 3 transfer windows to get a team they can truly say is theirs and be judged on, it’s been a while since any manager for one reason or another has got that amount of time and I sincerely hope that Sads will get that.


While I have never subscribed to the imo incorrect dismissal of this Division as poor, this year it’s the strongest I have ever known. I was listening to a review on TalkSport and some of the players teams have somehow been able to attract is frightening. Players that could conceivably still have a career 2 divisions higher. All this talk of Notts and Wrexham struggling to adapt is wishful thinking at best.

I think Trivela have delivered on their promise of incremental growth for the infrastructure, but we have years and years to catch up, even clubs like Sutton United, Barrow etc are comfortably ahead. Football has gone one way and Walsall the other for far too long. The changes have not been wholesale or aggressive enough to see us challenging - this is not a criticism of Trivela by any means, it is exactly what they promised - merely a realistic observation.

On this basis I would consider a top half finish, the same manager ending the season we started the season with, and some good football with players progressing rather than regressing, a success.


Really difficult to say because we have a massive unknown in Sadler. How will he take to management? How will he deal with the ups and downs of a typical season? How will he manage a decent sized squad in which certain individuals may not get the game time they want?

I think we’ve assembled a decent squad and so I’d say that if Sadler does a competent job, we’ll be 10th to 12th, if he doesn’t cope with the job then we can easily end up in the lower reaches, whereas if he does an excellent job, we could trouble the play offs.

A “good” season would be no threat of a relegation battle at any time, in the upper half of the division, a good playing style established and a great team ethos in place.

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Over 3000 season tickets now being reported as sold, that’s certainly a success delivered by the fans on the back of what must generally be perceived as a positive summer’s business, in which I think the signing of DJ was pivotal. Once again there is a wave of positivity for the club to catch, let’s hope in 6 months we’re not talking about another deflating missed opportunity and rebuild. Personally I couldn’t give a monkey’s about Wrexham or anyone else, seen it all before.


Agree with lots of the above comments. A good season for me would see us playing positive football, competing for a playoff spot for the majority of the season (even if we fall short in the end) and recognising that we have a management team in place that can continue the revival going forward.

And some good ales in the saddlers club


Your post was going so well until the last line. Some people want the moon on a stick.


Finishing closer to the playoffs than the relegation zone and improving on the awful style of play Flynn implemented.

It’s sad that my expectations are so low, but the state this club has been in recent years would make that a decent season.

Our aim shouldn’t be mid-table or even the play offs. The aim should be promotion and it should be for every single season we are stuck in this division (or lower)

If we fall short it doesn’t necessarily mean the season is a failure but to aim for anything less makes a mockery of even bothering to turn up.

I think saying top ten is a total kop out. It is acceptable based on us being dog shit for years. Wherever it is we finish we will have a good idea if the season was worthwhile or not.


A good season for me is to be in contention for a play off spot with a few games remaining.

Good - Top 10
Great - Playoffs
Outstanding - Automatic

I just want to see a consistent season where we dont go 3/4 games loss or 11 draws.

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I think we need to see an improvement and hopefully more exciting football. I think play offs are unrealistic but if we punch above our weight and finish top 7 then great.

I think we need to aim for a 3 year plan to achieve promotion

Season 1- finish top half and play more exciting football

Season 2- finish in play offs

Season 3- assuming we miss out in season 2 then automatic promotion.

After a decade of decline I don’t expect to see us transform overnight but steady progress with light at the end of the tunnel is the way to go.


A good season is one that entices me back to have a season ticket, not sure I know what looks like at the moment, maybe it will be a gut feeling and I will know at the time. Top half would be a good starting point I think.

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11th and a settled management team that keeps the nucleus of a good squad, that isnt full of loans and retirees. A team that we can strengthen for the following year to go up automatically.
Boring but achieveable? :grimacing: