Will we stay up?


The odds are against us staying up but all we can do is win at Shrewsbury and hope the other results go for us.



Basically we are relying on at least one of the only 2 teams below us in the table to do us a favour (banking on Sunderland not losing at Southend).

Scunthorpe have to go for it as only a win gives them any chance of staying up. They are awful and lost at home to Bradford yesterday, but they did come back from 3 down and might even have got something out if the game at the death so don’t discount them (especially as Plymouth were themselves badly mauled and haven’t scored many lately).

And Bradford have actually been playing better since their relegation was confirmed - won yesterday, point against Gillingham, took lead and scored twice away at Brizzle. And they are at home in front of their own fans so will want to go out with a bang. Just a pity that Wycombe couldn’t have done us a favour and left the Wombles needing to go all out for the 3 points rather than 1.



Either a draw or a Scunthorpe win in the game at Home Park, plus a defeat for Southend, keeps us up (providing we win, of course).

If Shrewsbury can nick a point today, and Sunderland win at Fleetwood to keep a feint hope of automatic alive, will be helpful variables for two of those three fixtures. Although, even though it means significantly less to Shrewsbury’s players than fans who drops, I fully expect them to be professional, and go all out for the win, as it potentially impacts on other clubs.



I hate being in this situation.

Personally, I think we will be relegated but we’ve performed miracles before.

The win against Posh completely took me by surprise - I was expecting to see us relegated.

I can’t see us pulling off a win at Shrewsbury, sadly - but you never know.

And it will hurt that it was ultimately them who sent us down.




The weird dynamic next week is that everyone has to go for the win, so basically you’re going to have lots of crap, out of form teams teams trying to do what they do least well - win football matches. I suppose Wimbledon are in a reasonable run of form, and a draw would probably do them, but I get the feeling there will be some freak results just like yesterday. At the top its even conceivable that Luton could end up in the play-offs! Are any of the games on tv next week?

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One game live on Sky Sports Football (not picked yet) and a Soccer Saturday special on another channel.



It will probably be a promotion game.



Football is a cruel game.

It means if we do go down at Shrewsbury there is going to be a full contingent of Walsall fans there having to face the goading and celebrations - and they will remember it for many years to come. It’s already started and we haven’t even gone yet.

It’s the hope that kills you!

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Honestly think it’s a game too late. Shrewsbury aren’t a bad side, even though they’re now safe they’ll be wanting to send us down.

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Problem I can see is imagine for once Walsall come flying out of the blocks in an away game and are something random like 3-0 up in 20 minutes.

If it’s still 0-0 at Home Park what motivation would Scunthorpe have for winning as they’d have to win about 10-0 to better the goal difference.

Probably a better tactic to keep it tight for an hour and try to knick the game late on so Scunthorpe are as competitive for as long as possible.

Would be much better if Walsall had an extra two points and were above both teams then fate is properly in your own hands.



But what better way to stage the ultimate Hudini act than against them at their place?

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Yes an extra point or two would make all the difference, 45 minutes against 10 men v Oxford, the Barnsley game, the last minute shenaneghans against Luton, Sunderland and Peterborough. The only antidote to all of that is the farcical point we got against Southend. If we stay up and they go down then we really have dodged a bullet.



I want to see MOC impersonate David Pleats skip and dance from all those years ago while Luton manager … if we do stay up :joy::joy::joy::joy:



There could well be 1700 of us doing the Pleat dance if we stay up.

Could all get a bit messy either way as I’m sure Salop will want to do the traditional lap of honour.

We’re probably down but for the first time in months I’ve got a bit of hope. Bugger.



I agree Manc. Itll be a game from the top of the league I’d have thought.

It’s odd. The Championship is all but done and dusted - top and bottom.

Our league is a bit like gastroenteritis. Lots going on at both ends.



Nice one PT :rofl:



Oh, yes!!! :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:



Perhaps the 80s beige suit could be the theme for the fancy dress? :grinning:



That’s because there are so many sh^t teams in it!

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Won’t Ifollow have it also?