Becoming too personal


I’ve been posting on this site for a good few years - more than some but I’m by no means one of the long-standing contributors and like most others on here, I respect we all have an opinion on stuff…

But crikey it’s becoming far too focused on certain individuals own personal disagreements with each other and it’s getting a pain in the arse

I know I’ll come in for some flack here but this is a forum for opinions about our club (and related matters) regardless of any difference of opinion so it would be much more useful if that’s what folk posted about rather than continuing long drawn out exchanges about their personal differences of opinion and then dragging further out by explaining why…

A few times this week, I’ve just left the site after starting to read seemingly endless rants between individuals about why they had commented one way or another and disagreed (again, one way or another…) and I bet I’m not the only one…

Glad I’ve got that off my chest! :roll_eyes:



You’re right mate, we should be able to agree or disagree without getting personal.

We’re all saddlers fans after all.



100% agree, its a pain. It’s encumbant on us all to walk away from the screen if we get riled up about someone else’s opinion.



Its funny people actually get riled up by a message board.

95% of the normals on here debate a point for a bit on the odd thread, then agree to disagree and walk away. It’s only the odd one or two who go on and on or resort to name calling like kids would.

Unfortunately it is the minority who put everyone else off. I know I post less and less now as so many threads just descend into farce,



Top post Coop, getting way out of hand, and most threads are ruined by a certain few - can we not give them their own section to slug it out amongst themselves?



Personally I think this site is policed much more effectively than the old UTS by Simon and the mods. Some of the name calling on the old site went way beyond the realms of what is acceptable. I think this is a much more respectful place now - I’ve seen some posters seriously moderate their insulting outputs since the transfer.

All I think it is atm is one poster. You can come on here regularly, but just that one time in ten that you bite - and then it descends. Have you not noticed its not one or two posters at all, its always that one and then another that may have had a bad day and has bit - then it rolls on.



Completely agree. I regularly just stop reading threads as they have been derailed by 2-3 users who seemingly have little or no life outside of this message board and get kicks from puerile arguments and point scoring. Is there a way of muting certain users @simon ?

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I agree, there are a couple of contributors who pretty much detail every thread with tit for tat bickering. Chances are this thread will go the same way :smile:



What makes you say that! :rofl:



(Ironically, sic)

(No response in between any of those by the way)

Then a ■■■■ load of psycological analysis about somebody they don’t even know.

I agree, it is becoming too personal.



Think your above synopsis shows eloquently that we are all a bit sick of one particular, argumentative, on, and on, and on, and on, poster.
Take the hint, take a break from UTS and give us all a break.



Nah you’re alright. They’re all as guilty of being argumentative as I am. But I’ll be blamed again.

I’ll probably be blamed for derailing this thread just for pointing that out! :joy:



You can probably imagine how irritating it is for me that I am constantly told I am some other bloke who used to post on the old format. So I ‘try’ to avoid confrontation, sometimes it gets a bit personal, when it does, I opt out and stay off UTS for a while to calm down. I suggest you do likewise, try to avoid arguing your point relentlessly. We all have different opinions (ergo those clowns at parliament) so just leave it at that?



Again, I appreciate the advice and yet more psychological analysis, but you’re alright tar. I have no need to calm down.

I’m being called out for, amongst other things, being sad for getting into debates. By people who come on here and cross analyse me instead of points about football. Go figure.



That’s a good example…:expressionless:



:joy::joy::joy: Couldn’t make it up :man_shrugging:



Congratulations on making it all about you. Again.



oh yeah this definitely wasn’t aimed at me to begin with. Like I said, predicted and couldn’t make it up.



Best of it … we would probably all get on and laugh the ■■■■ off if we all meet up in a pub sometime :grinning::grinning:

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For clips sake, as you posted on Saturday. Only ever read that expression from one other poster, who, strangely doesn’t post on the new site :joy::joy::joy:

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