The Liam Kinsella Thread

For Liam Kinsella discussion.

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Like him as a person. Like his effort. But football wise he’s not even National League standard. I’d say the one below that. Needs dropping if we are serious about staying in this league

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No one hates him - just think we need better quality in the midfield.

It’s an uncomfortable truth that he has been a common denominator in the last 5 years of decline. No one is suggesting he was the cause of any of those terrible seasons, but if we want to look forwards and upwards… I maintain my claim from a few years ago; we won’t get promoted out of this league with Liam Kinsella as a pivotal midfielder.

Time for a change.


Exactly my thoughts.

Don’t see how anybody could hate him.

In fact, I don’t see how anybody could do anything but love him. Effort and pride every time he pulls on the shirt.

The debate is really about his ability. For me he is a mid table fourth division holding midfielder. At best. Which, combined with that effort and pride has made him player of the season by some distance in recent seasons which speaks to what we’ve become. And if I have any hate in me at all on this it is hating what we’ve become.


Bit harsh.

Absolutely spot on. I think many feel or are starting to feel that way.


I don’t think so. National League is about the same standard as League 2. He’s simply not up to this level of football.

He’s not good enough, neither is his competition.

But he will give you :100: where many won’t.

It’s a Marmite joke.


I don’t think that is grounds for a side that wants to be promoted - which is why I want us to improve.

Liam Kinsella is fine if you want to be a mid table side L2 side - and maybe that’s what we need to be this season after this start… but if we want to progress and get promoted ? We need better quality midfielders - and that’s the fault of the manager and the recruitment staff.

Love him as a person

Love him as a team player and ambassador

Dislike him as a footballer, he just isn’t good enough and never has been imo
His effort masks his lack of ability bit for me as a first choice midfielder season on season in a midfield that has always been poor and a team who always have less possession than any team he is a key figure of that continuously.
It’s no coincidence

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Can’t hate him at all, the problem is that we can’t have both Comley and Kinsella on the pitch together especially at home if we’re not winning a game.

With the number of midfielders we’ve got at the club, there is no need to have two midfielders paired together that will offer nothing going forward, as it makes us have zero creativity in midfield.

We looked fine yesterday up until Comley was brought on as there was no actual need to bring a defensive midfielder on, at home, for a striker, when the game was 0-0 with Tranmere offering no threat whatsoever.

If the rest of the squad did their jobs as well as Kinsella does we wouldn’t even be debating it.


That’s my point mate, that’s the real problem .

He isn’t good enough I agree


Think you’ve actually got a bit mixed up there m8 but hey that’s not unusual is it . If we had 10 other players doing the same as kinsella every week in terms of their footballing ability we would be absolutely battered every game

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Good job players have different roles then, isn’t it.

That’s fine, as long as we accept that’s the case across the board and not isolated to Kinsella. Daniels and possibly Johnson and Bennett are the only top six players in this side, the lack of quality is evident throughout the squad.

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And mine too! Glad we agree.

Myself and others are talking about what this side needs to be get out of this hellscape and league.

Does anyone actually really think Liam Kinsella is good enough to get into a top 7 side?

We need to raise the bar as PT alludes to, and get better quality in. I hope this is what Flynn meant by a number of transfer windows to change this side. The midfield has been an absolute shambles for 5/6 years now, and we both need to recruit there and in another centre forward (at the very least) to compete at the right end of this table.


Yep, missed this before I replied above.