D 0-0 vs Colchester United (A) - League Two - Tue 14th Feb, 7:45pm

This is exactly right.

We’ve got 40% of the season left and people are getting upset with a 1-1 draw with the runaway leaders !

There are so many teams congested into the potential play off chase every single week there will be several big games involving two teams both in the race and so every week teams around us will drop points.

Hold your nerve and if we are where we are now with 6 games left winning 4 of them would get us in the playoffs

Were we? which games were those?

As ever, hoping for a win, expecting a draw at best, but fearing a defeat in this one if we are not on our best form. Flynn needs to find a way for our new strikers to play and that means sorting out both our formation and our best midfield options. For me that’s got to include Hutchinson, Maddox and Kinsella, if the latter two are fit.

I don’t think people are getting upset that’s a little unfair.

But folk are wise enough to see that we’re heading into the business end of the season with a strike force who are without a goal between them, that would cause concern at any club.

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Colchester, the most boring, characterless, uninspiring stadium in the football league situated in the middle of a farmers field!


At least the pitch is OK. There are a few grounds we have to travel to where the farmer’s field is the middle of the stadium! :tractor:

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You’re absolutely right in that the JobServe Stadium is never an easy place to go, and being a midweek and St Valentines we will probably not be backed by our usual volume of support. However it is these games and winning/drawing them that can be the difference between 7th and 8th or 9th.

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A draw would do here if we can beat Newport and Crewe at home.

Just out of interest. Where is an easy place to go?


Nowhere? :grinning:

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Vale Park!


Not Salford

Or Stockport

Or Tranmere

Or Barrow


I wouldn’t say anyone is upset with a 1-1 draw with the leaders.

For me though the result highlights the issue which has stopped us from ever getting into the play offs which is our inability to kill a team off, see a game out.

This game will finish 0-0 I think as our new forwards continue to find their feet.


I’m taking a point here all day long with their upturn in form.

Saturday would be more of a game I’d be expecting 3 points.

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… and we see the game out. :wink:

I meant more in terms of it in some eyes spelling the end of promotion hopes. I’ve seen many people writing it off when in actual fact it’s nothing of the sort….

On the subject of form and promotion hopes where I do think we are still in the mix, mainly due to how many teams are still in the mix, we do need to have some sort of improvement to our general play.

I’m sure I’ll get pelters for talking stats but I just went back over our last 12 league games and it’s quite worrying from a performance point of view…

In those 12 games we’ve scored 14 goals. That in itself is on the low side for anyone hoping to get promoted but when I looked at the creativity involved it’s worrying to say the least.

Of those 14 goals only 8 had a registered assist. Meaning others came from defensive mistakes, caught on the ball, misplaced headers, goal mouth scrambles….

Of the 8 assists, 3 were from set pieces. Knowles v Crawley for Hayden White, Hutchinson v Mansfield for Kinsella, and a penalty won by Kinsella.

The other 5 assists from open play were 1 by maddox and 4 from hutchinson !!

Meaning 5 of the last 8 assists were Hutchinson, one was a foul on kinsella in the corner of the box one was a free kick by knowles and the other a cross by maddox for Hutchinson…

That’s got to be to do with the style of play more than anything. We are relying on percentages and luck rather than final third entries and skill.

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I’d take a point here considering their recent form and being away from home. Not sure if Maddox is ready to start but we desperately need some ball players in the middle of the pitch as well as Hutch to get back to his best.

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Hopefully Alice Kinsella will be available for those games.


I’d say Colchester, based on their home record of W4/D6/L5 this season :smile:

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